Enables organizations to establish and enforce policies, processes, and standards for data-related activities. These tools encompass data cataloging, data quality, data lineage, access controls, and data security features, ensuring data is managed, protected, and utilized appropriately. By fostering data transparency, accountability, and compliance, these tools help organizations maximize the value of their data assets while mitigating risks and maintaining data integrity.

At Dataglyphix, we recommend and implement the following data management and governance tools:

Azure Purview – is a data governance service provided by Microsoft, designed to help organizations discover, understand, and manage their data assets across various data sources. It offers a unified data catalog that enables users to easily find and access trusted data while maintaining data lineage and metadata management. With its integration capabilities, Azure Purview provides a holistic view of data landscapes, promoting data collaboration, and supporting data governance initiatives to ensure data privacy, compliance, and data-driven decision-making.

Profisse – is a master data management (MDM) software platform that helps organizations manage and maintain their critical data assets in a unified, consistent, and reliable manner. It provides robust data governance, data quality, and data mastering capabilities, empowering businesses to create a single, authoritative view of their data across the enterprise. With Profisee, organizations can improve data accuracy, enhance data-driven decision-making, and achieve a 360-degree view of customers, products, and other essential data domains.